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'Top Medic' Hair Tonic is an ingredient that helps hair growth and helps supply nutrients to the scalp and blood circulation.

As a hair tonic used by hair loss experts, Top Medic Hair Tonic provides safe and quick nutrition with small particles.

Dull! Knock knock! Just spray it and it will grow!

with small particles
safely and quickly

If the supply of nutrients to the hair follicles is not smooth, the growth of the hair follicle becomes difficult, the hair becomes fine, and hair loss occurs. The width of the hair follicle going to the hair root needs to be reduced in size of the 0.02mm extract particle to supply nutrients. TOPMEDIC Hair Tonic supplies essential hair ingredients in a small, safe and quick way.

low temperature extraction furnace
without destroying nutrients
Extract only active ingredients

Active ingredients such as vitamins and proteins can be easily and quickly extracted at a high temperature of 100°C, but destruction of nutrients cannot be prevented.

However, TOPMEDIC Hair Tonic protects the ingredients needed for hair safely with a non-heat treatment temperature of 50~60°C and the latest extraction technology. 

Top Medic Hair Tonic
Dull! Knock knock!
Just spray it and it will grow!

Now, it delivers scalp nutrition quickly and safely.Top Medic Hair Tonic is the answer!

​For scalp with or concerned about hair loss2-3 times a day, until the scalp is moistJust spray it.

If it is difficult to use during the day, use it in the evening.Concentrate on use and do not need to wash off after use.doesn't exist.

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