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  • Where can I buy Top Medic Hair Tonic?
    To purchase Top Medic Hair Tonic, please contact KNP Korea by e-mail or phone number, and we will guide you faithfully. Contact: 010-7190-0676 (For cell phone inquiries) Leave a message and we will contact you.
  • May I know about the effect of Top Medic Hair Toner?
    Check the Top Medic website or contact us and we will respond. Top Medic Efficacy/Effects Page Top Medic Biography If you want more detailed information, we will also respond to inquiries by email or phone
  • How long can I see the effect of Top Medic Hair Tonic?
    There are individual differences, but if you look at user statistics, you can see a noticeable change in about 3 months Tip: Be sure to take a picture before use and compare the picture after use to make an accurate decision.
  • It is said that it is also effective in nourishing the scalp, but does the hair texture get better or thicker?
    Top Medic Hair Tonic is also effective for scalp nutrition management. There may be individual differences among users, but the most effective part is the results of numerous users. Thinning of hair is necessary for supplying sufficient nutrients to the scalp. There may be a problem. Top Medic Hair Tonic helps to supply nutrients to the scalp and Be healthy and get the results you want.
  • How much does Top Medic Hair Tonic cost?
    The price of Top Medic Hair Tonic is 1 bottle 88,000won.
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