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​'Top Medic Hair Tonic'
Scalp health, scalp nutrition management, hair loss
marine bio material&peptide
Ingredient ​nanoparticlesas
poretoabsorbed quicklydo.

Made by scalp health experts,you can take care of yourself,Filling nutrition and hair at the same time 

Top Medic Hair Tonicwith fundamental

Start improving your scalp

Fill that change yourself with Top Medic Hair Tonic!

Olympic-ro, Seoul  |   010-7190-0676  |


Hair loss prevention and scalp health start from the scalp.

​The key element of hair care is a healthy scalp.

Representative hair and 10 natural ingredients such as seaweed, grains, and herbal medicines that help hair health 4 Essential Ingredients Peptidesfill the synergy with


​How to use Topmatic Hair Tonic

Results before and after use...

"Full of nutrition"


Helps in hair growth

Seaweed, grains, herbal medicines, etc.

10 natural ingredients and representative essential ingredients for hair

Fill synergy with peptides



Prenium Scalp Care

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